The Story

I first started creative writing for fun when I was in middle school. I’d write poems and illustrate them. They were rubbish. Anointed with such expressive and insidious titles as ‘the ghost’ and ‘the spring’,  I felt Stephen Spender quaking with envy in his grave.

In university, a lifetime ago (quite literally if you’re younger than nineteen) I opted for a creative writing module. Luckily, the marks I got for this didn’t count towards my final grade. I scraped a third (and only Auden would be proud of this). My efforts were trite, old-fashioned and derivative.

I had some semi-serious work to do and more specifically, some voracious reading. By doing so I learned a lot. In the next decade I read everything I could stomach. I read the complete McEwan and I tried to do the same with Amis, but as much as I admire his diction, his stories struck a cold chord with me. I read Self (didn’t like him much either), Coe, Cusk, Smailes, Atwood, Doyle and Warner, to name a few. In short, people writing today. And it wasn’t just fiction I learned from; there is inspiring writing everywhere, if you know where to look.

I read poetry. Good poetry. Esther Morgan, Sarah Salway and a million others buried deep in obscure anthologies and seldom read regional journals were devoured in spare moments on the tube. I amassed a pretty book display of well designed literary pamphlets, and I started writing flash fiction and poetry for myself. Soon, I was having the odd piece of short fiction published. Working hard, I nurtured my skill and honed my craft.

And last week I landed an agent for my debut novel and my small writing space opened up…

To be continued…


About Suzy Norman Writes

Suzy is an actor, a freelance features writer, artist and novelist. Her novel 'Duff' was published by Patrician Press in 2015. An early draft of this novel was longlisted for the Dundee International Book Prize 2014.
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4 Responses to The Story

  1. Charlotte says:

    Congrats, Suzy! Best wishes on the next step of your journey. I’m on the same path as you – agented, but not yet published.

  2. ashleyperks says:

    A newcomer to your writing, I am naturally, unfamiliar with your work. I am, however, hugely supportive of anyone who actually gets down and does it. Good luck with the debut, debutente! I blog around these parts too. I’m following you anyway, so if you hear a sharp rustle and feel a breeze on a still day – it might just be me…following. No. Don’t look round. I might be invisible. Or not. Go well. @StRemeze

  3. cameronlawton says:

    Congratulations on getting an agent.

  4. Thanks so much all and Charlotte, very best of luck to you too!

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