A decade of #funs (and a LOT of support).

It’s mine and Mr Norman’s tenth wedding anniversary in a few weeks and for all those who have no idea who my husband is, he’s an author (of several non-fiction books). In a few months he has another tome coming out which you will no doubt be hearing about soon enough.

Basically, he writes.

We both do.

The best support a fledgling novelist like me can have is from someone who’s been treading the publishing boards a long time. This is handy:

I’m impatient for news on novel 1, he counsels to concentrate on no.2 (which I’m now a third of the way through – still no news).

I’m fed up of waiting; my book has been out with major publishers for six weeks now. He smirks. That’s nothing. Read: don’t bother me with your six weeks schtick.

My stuff’s shit. It’s boring. I can’t write. He says everyone feels like that; it’s when you don’t feel like that you need to worry.

It’s been a tough three years for us, but thanks to him, it’s also been the best of times too.

It’s been great; the next ten years will be greater.


About Suzy Norman Writes

Suzy is an actor, a freelance features writer, artist and novelist. Her novel 'Duff' was published by Patrician Press in 2015. An early draft of this novel was longlisted for the Dundee International Book Prize 2014.
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3 Responses to A decade of #funs (and a LOT of support).

  1. alison says:

    Ah many congratulations – that’s so heartfelt. I passed the ten year mark myself last November.

    You’re very lucky to have such mutual understanding of what it’s like to be a writer – the self doubt and endless waiting. Support like that is great.

  2. Ah, thank you Alison and congratulations to you too!

    P is such a tonic in the waiting game. He helps me realise that writing is as much about improving daily as it is about rewards. Just keep on keeping on.

    Head down, plough on!

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