Books I have enjoyed in 2013

Life and How to Survive it – John Cleese, Robin Skynner
Brothers of the Head – Brian Aldiss
The Good of the Novel – Collected essays (Faber)
The Examined Life – Steven Grosz
Not So Perfect – Nik Perring
Sexing the Cherry – Jeanette Winterson
Time’s Arrow – Martin Amis
Herzog – Saul Bellow
Nothing if Not Critical – Robert Hughes
A Closed Book – Gilbert Adair
The Accidental Woman – Jonathan Coe
The Letters of Ted Hughes
Albert Angelo – B S Johnson
Until Further Notice, I Am Alive – Tom Lubbock
The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne – Brian Moore
Selected Prose and Drama of BS Johnson 
Molloy – Samuel Beckett
Complete Plays by Samuel Beckett
Short Stories – Lydia Davis
Short Stories – Mary Lavin
The Proper Study of Mankind – Vintage Berlin

Books I have written in 2013

The Sorrowful Wife (novel)
Fenner (a novella, to be adapted as a play in 2014).

Inches around my middle gained



About Suzy Norman Writes

Suzy is an actor, a freelance features writer, artist and novelist. Her novel 'Duff' was published by Patrician Press in 2015. @suzynorman
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