Review: Gut Symmetries by Jeanette Winterson


A boat leaves for America. On it are our protagonists, a young woman and her older, married lover. This is a tale of a love triangle, ruminating on the theme of time passing.

Taking her cue from tarot cards, Winterson’s chapters are labelled accordingly – the page of swords, the tower…if you’re familiar with these Jungian archetypes, you may find this an appealing device. I suppose the danger of knowing the tarot well, as I do, is a tendency to compare your own knowledge with Winterson’s, specifically how she transfers her knowledge of these cards into fiction; it’s a little distracting. For this reason, I’m dubious about this as a structural device.

Having said this, the theme of time passing is explored deeply, and the guiding intelligence behind the narrative is impressive. I didn’t love it to be honest, but it’s certainly a rich read.


About Suzy Norman Writes

Suzy is an actor, a freelance features writer, artist and novelist. Her novel 'Duff' was published by Patrician Press in 2015. An early draft of this novel was longlisted for the Dundee International Book Prize 2014.
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